Argumentative Essay Topics: Full Guidelines

Lawyer or no lawyer, I am sure that the majority of people like participating in arguments, more so if they are beneficial in more ways than one to them. Argumentative essay topics are intended to prick the reader’s mind to form an opinion for or against the subject content of the essays in question. To do this, the topics ought to lead to a situation where you will have to provide very strong and believable suggestions on the issues that you are trying to address.

Your main goal is to convince the reader to take your side of the story. In order to successfully render this information in the way that an argumentative essay is supposed to, one has to write from a personal view point. This may be what you as an individual have experienced and would like there to be a change; driven by the essay that you are going to put down. This can also be as a result of an insight. This means that you have seen other people go through an experience that you did not feel as fit to go through. These two perspectives help you to build evidence and facts which are going to be championed by the passion in with which you deliver your opinions. Thus, with this in mind, creating these topics on these particular issues won’t be hard at all.

When such views coming from you are addressed in a manner likely to suggest that you had reasoned before putting them down, the reader will not have a problem following your side of thought. The process of building trust up on the readers starts with a well thought out topic and the ability to counter the opposition’s remarks effectively. Be ready to create believable and also fair speculation.

Argumentative essay topics include:

Mothers are better than fathers at parenting

Dieting is very unhealthy and should be banned

Without romantic love there is no marriage

Terror wars have made life worse

In the event of a divorce children should go with the father

Prostitution is a good source of tax and should be legalized

Plagiarism should be allowed in some cases

Adulterous men should be allowed to express themselves freely

Theft to feed a hunger-stricken family is good

Policemen should be allowed to take bribes

Politicians are justified to be corrupt because of the amount of money they spend during campaigns

All students should be allowed to sit for exams regardless of their fee situation

Promiscuous men are better at sex and they make their wives happier in bed

Universities are principally social forums and not academic forums

Marriage certificates should be scrapped off from wedding ceremonies

Gay marriages should be legal in all countries in the world

GMOs are very good for health and should be used throughout the world indiscriminately

Campus students shouldn’t be punished for engaging in riots as they are always justified

Boarding schools are better than day-schools at all levels of education

All campus students should be required to have laptops before they join colleges

College sportsmen shouldn’t study in class with the rest of the students

Any student caught cheating in exams should be jailed for ten years

Dowry doesn’t have to be paid for marriage to be effected

Kids should be allowed to watch everything they desire to on TV

All parents should ensure their children get to their level of education or higher

Mixed gender schools are better than single-gender schools

Birth control pills should be given to all high school girls

Any teacher caught in a sexual scandal should be sacked

All doctors need to go to theological institutions for a six-months course

Drunkard fathers are more responsible because they know how to budget for their money

Immigration laws should be reformed to allow free movement of people

All terrorists should be shot on sight

Those caught downloading music illegally should pay hefty fines

Music with foul language should never be played publicly

All the porn actors should be declared heroes because what they do requires courage

All prisoners of war should be brought back home in all circumstances

The day of birth is more important than the day of your wedding

Reputation is more important than character

Making use of talents is more rewarding than having a white-collar job

You can’t make it in life without education

All teachers need to go for refresher courses after every two years

Public figures who err should face stricter disciplinary measures

The space programs should be abolished because we have all we need on earth

Very stout passengers should pay more fare as they use more vehicle space


Sodomy should be legalized in all male prisons

Hacking should be taught to all students as a common course

Argumentative essay topics are used in essays where both sides of logic seem to provide some of level of logic when incorporated with enough evidence or facts.